CAP Co-Founders Named to 16 Most Innovative People in Higher Education

September 2016

In its September 2016 issue, the Washington Monthly named Katie Hern and Myra Snell to a list of the "16 Most Innovative People in Higher Education" for their work mobilizing remediation reform in the California Acceleration Project. 

Another acceleration leader was also featured: Tristan Denley, the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the Tennessee Board of Regents, who led the effort to replace traditional remediation with co-requisite models across all public colleges and universities in his state. 

"We set out to find innovators from all corners of the higher education map," wrote Washington Monthly reporter Gilad Edelman. "This list isn’t a ranking, and it’s by no means exhaustive. Consider it a snapshot of the various overlapping ways in which creative, passionate people around the country are working to make higher education more accessible, affordable, and effective."

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