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Powerful Acceleration Strategies


Many students are placed into remediation who don't need it and would be better off if allowed to enroll directly in college courses.

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Students are more successful when allowed to enroll in college-level courses with extra support, instead of remedial courses.

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Two-Course Pathways

Students enroll in accelerated pathways where developmental courses are tailored to college-level requirements.

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Each year 170,000+ California community college students begin in a remedial math course. 110,000+ will never complete the math required for a degree. We can do better.

Featured Publications

Essential to Campus Equity Efforts

Remediation: Essential to Campus Equity Efforts

Diversity and Democracy, Winter 2016
By Katie Hern & Jennifer Brezina

"....the policies and curricula that higher education has developed to help students who are considered 'underprepared' are actually making these students less likely to succeed in college and...students of color are bearing the brunt of the unintended consequences."


high challenge, high support accelerated classrooms

High Challenge, High Support Accelerated Classrooms

LearningWorks, December 2013
By Katie Hern, with Myra Snell

Addressing an important gap in the dialogue about college completion, this brief goes beyond discussions of curricular structure to focus on how faculty teach. It articulates a core set of principles and practices for teaching in accelerated models of English and math, with illustrations from community college classrooms across California.

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