Showcasing Powerful Reforms to Placement, Remediation, and Instruction in English, Math, and ESL

This is the California Acceleration Project's fourth annual conference showcasing how community colleges are transforming placement, curricula, pedagogy, and support services to increase student completion and equity in English, math, and ESL. This conference is intended for faculty, administrators, researchers, system leaders, policymakers and advocates from within and outside California.

February 27-29, 2020
Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento

Pre-conference workshops in English, math, and ESL: $75
Thursday, February 27, 2020
Description of the pre-conference workshops

Main Conference: $300 - early bird rate available until January 27
Friday and Saturday, February 28-29, 2020

Call for Proposals


Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019


We especially invite proposals about:

  •  Research into student outcomes from Fall 2019
  •  Innovative concurrent support models
  •  Redesigned math pathways, including SLAM, BSTEM, and contextualized math for CTE
  •  ESL curricular structure, placement, pedagogy; supporting students’ transition to English classes 
  •  Integrating instruction in reading and writing in composition classrooms 
  •  Addressing AB 705 implementation challenges
  •  High-challenge, high-support curricular materials and pedagogy for post-AB 705 classrooms
  •  Supporting students’ affective and non-cognitive needs
  •  Professional development to help faculty teach a broader population of students
  •  Equity-minded remediation design and instruction
  •  Providing concurrent support through online/hybrid modes
  •  Cross-college partnerships for supporting students (e.g., counseling, learning centers, disabled student services)
  •  Learning from student voices and student work in corequisite classrooms
  •  AB 705 2.0: Next steps for refining implementation after Fall 2019

Session Options:

  •  60-minute information sessions
  •  90-minute hands-on pedagogical sessions

Proposal Requirements:

  •  Title (12 words max)
  •  Abstract for the conference program (50 words)
  •  Presentation description (200 words)
  •  Description with evidence that your approach meets the AB705 requirement of maximizing student completion of transfer-level English/math/ESL (200 words).

2020 Conference Materials


2020 Conference Program


Pre-Conference Workshops