AB 705 Implementation Toolkit for Colleges

April 2019

We have compiled here a set of resources to support colleges to implement AB 705 in ways that produce the greatest gains in student completion and equity. 


Chancellor's Office Resources and Guidelines

Title 5 Compliance Checklist -- This checklist itemizes all the elements required for changes to assessment under AB705 & AB 1805

Board Focus -- Questions to Anticipate from your Trustees (Trustee publication from the Community College League of CA)

Public Policy Institute of CA - Study of results at early implementers of multiple measures placement and corequisite remediation in California

Multiple Measures Assessment Project - statewide research showing that all students have higher completion when allowed to enroll directly in a transfer-level course instead of a remedial course 

Case Closed on Traditional Remediation - Complete College America compilation of current resources on corequisite remediation nationally

AB 705 Advice to Students - website produced by Students Making a Change at City College SF

Why We No Longer Recommend Two-Course Pathways/"Stretch" Models


CAP Recommendations and FAQ -- Math

Implementation Checklist -- Math

National Exemplars of Corequisite Math Remediation, with Lessons Learned

Corequisite Information Sheet - Math (details on existing concurrent support models)

English Writing/Reading and ESL

CAP Recommendations and FAQ - English Writing/Reading and ESL

Corequisite Information Sheet - English (details on existing concurrent support models)

Implementation Checklist - English


Publication: California Acceleration Project
Author(s): CAP Central

Areas of Impact


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