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January 2016  

This article highlights research showing that students of color are placed at a structural disadvantage by traditional approaches to remediation, making them less likely to succeed in college. It features results from colleges in the California Acceleration Project that have narrowed racial achievement gaps by changing placement policies and curricula to accelerate students' progress through college-level courses.

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October 2014  

This 2014 article from New Directions in Community Colleges discusses the factors that have helped mobilize remediation reform across California's 112 decentralized community colleges, including building a shared understanding of the problem, using data from existing accelerated models to help faculty see that students are more capable than previously believed, and collaborative faculty development efforts organized around shared principles of instructional design.

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June 2012  

This 2012 article from the national magazine Change describes the beginnings of the California Acceleration Project, including data from early accelerated models, the design principles shared by the first CAP colleges, and some of the local adaptations colleges made as they began rethinking remediation.

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