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February 2021  

The fifth issue of the California Acceleration Project's newsletter includes:

  • Highlights from three recent research studies on AB 705
  • Grading for equity
  • Growth in SLAM and B-STEM Pathways
  • Profiles of successful corequisite students 
  • Humanizing online education
  • Supporting English language learners in online composition
  • CAP spring webinar series on addressing inequity in our classrooms

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July 2020  

Fourth issue of CAP's newsletter, featuring data and stories from CA community colleges transforming placement and remediation, including highlights from the first semester of full AB 705 implementation

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April 2020  

The Citrus College Math Department implemented interactive, high-challenge, high-support pedagogy in all of their open-access corequisites for transfer-level math.  Professors Tracy Nguyen and Victoria Dominguez are both experienced online instructors who were instrumental in helping to quickly move this innovative pedagogy into online classes during the current crisis. They share tips and strategies used in Statistics and Applied Calculus with corequisite support.

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