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April 2021  

What is going on when success rates range from 20 to 100 percent across different sections of the same course? Is it AB 705? Online vs. face-to-face? Student factors like race or high school preparation? Faculty factors like part- vs. full-time status? Something else? Researchers from De Anza College present their investigation into the variability in pass rates in transfer-level math and English. Then an English faculty member from Irvine Valley College shares practical tips for addressing variability as a department.

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January 2021  

Statewide research shows that English language learners who graduated from a U.S. high school are at least twice as likely to complete transfer-level English if they enroll in the course directly rather than taking a stand-alone ESL class. However, those students often benefit from support in English language conventions and cultural context. To address this, colleges across California are designating specific sections of transfer-level English for ESL students. Learn about Irvine Valley College's model and strategies to address the writing and language needs of ESL writers in transfer-level English.

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