Shift your classroom culture to improve equity, student motivation, and success

Join CAP and the College Transition Collaborative for a free webinar series focused on faculty mindset, classroom culture and student experience.

Learn psychologically attuned practices, and the research behind them, that will help you shift the culture of your classroom to foster equitable student engagement and achievement.

These workshops are designed as a three-part series, but you can register for one, two, or all 3 FREE webinars.

Webinar 1: Faculty Mindset & Student Experience: Creating Classroom Structures that Support Equity, Belonging, and Student Success

Friday, February 11 - 2:00-3:30 PST
Presenters: Dr. Mary Murphy

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Webinar 1 Description

In this 90-minute workshop, participants will learn about faculty mindsets and attitudes, and how they are connected to students’ experiences and outcomes. During this session, instructors will understand what growth mindset cultures are and their roles in creating the culture of their classroom and school, understand how this work relates to and supports AB 705 equity goals (especially in STEM!), reflect on the mindset culture they create in classrooms and interactions with students, and identify practices that create growth mindset cultures that support student equity, belonging, and success.

Webinar 2: Assessment and Feedback: Practices to Foster Academic Engagement and Growth

Friday, March 11 – 2:00-3:30 PST
Presenters: Presenters: Dr. Katie Boucher

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Webinar 2 Description

This 90-minute workshop will focus on strategies for communicating about assignments or exams and delivering critical feedback in ways that develop students’ trust in faculty, and alleviates students’ concerns that evaluations of their work may be the result of negative stereotyping or discrimination. During this session, instructors will learn how to create assignment/exam reflection activities to support student growth and learning, and deliver critical feedback in a way that engenders trust, increases academic engagement, and helps close academic outcome gaps.

Webinar 3: Structuring Your Course Policies & Messaging to Promote Equity, Belonging, and Growth

Friday, April 22 – 2:00-3:30 PST
Presenters: Presenters: Dr. Christine Logel

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Webinar 3 Description

This 90-minute workshop will focus on the course syllabus as a powerful tool for course planning and development. Conducting a syllabus review provides instructors with a framework for creating a course that promotes equity in students’ experiences and outcomes in its structure and content throughout the term. During this session, instructors will learn about an evidence-based approach to messaging that can help ensure that students’ earliest experiences in their courses promote a sense of belonging and self-efficacy that will support equity, belonging, and growth throughout the term. While this workshop focuses on the course syllabus as a core document that sets expectations for the term, the suggested messaging is applicable to many other venues for communication with students, including: course websites or Learning Management System spaces, emails, lectures or asynchronous videos, and assignment instructions.