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Adventures in Corequisite STEM Calculus: Warm-Up Routines that Build Curiosity, Confidence, Conceptual Connections, and Community

Blog post #2 in the Adventures in Corequisite STEM Calculus. Professor Kelly Spoon discusses Warm-up routines that generate curiosity, deep thinking, and engagement, setting the stage for a productive lesson. This blog series illuminates the critical course design decisions and instructional strategies pivotal in supporting students with varying levels of math preparation to succeed in STEM calculus.

Teaching Online: Student Engagement On Zoom (Synchronous)

Humanizing And Equity The theme of this four-part “Notes from the Field” blog series has been humanizing online teaching and learning with an equity-minded lens. Michelle Pacansky-Brock, the highly-acclaimed CVC-OEI Online Teaching and Learning Faculty Mentor, writes, “In humanized online courses, positive instructor-student relationships are prioritized and serve as the connective tissue between students, engagement, and …

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