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classroom where students are gathered around cards at a desks

Adventures in Corequisite STEM Calculus: Warm-Up Routines that Build Curiosity, Confidence, Conceptual Connections, and Community

Blog post #2 in the Adventures in Corequisite STEM Calculus. Professor Kelly Spoon discusses Warm-up routines that generate curiosity, deep thinking, and engagement, setting the stage for a productive lesson. This blog series illuminates the critical course design decisions and instructional strategies pivotal in supporting students with varying levels of math preparation to succeed in STEM calculus.

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Webinar: Learning from Our Students’ Experiences to Create Classrooms that Promote Equity

This webinar is a conversation about the Ascend professional development model and new research into its use in California community colleges as a strategy for creating classroom cultures that promote equity. Within the context of an Ascend community of practice, faculty learn evidence-based practices and test the impact of those practices by iteratively collecting disaggregated survey data from students about their classroom experiences.