Fall 2023 Webinar Series: Teaching Matters for Equity

Looking for equity-focused professional development resources that will support your communities of practice? Trying to make good use of your college’s AB 1705 funds? This webinar series focuses on equity-minded teaching strategies and professional development resources backed by research within the California Community Colleges.

WEBINAR 1: New insights into Math Instruction that Promotes Equity
Date: Friday, September 29, 2023, from 1:30-3:00 (Pacific)
Description: Join us for a discussion of new research into the factors that explain student success in transfer-level math. Researchers from Education Equity Solutions and Education Northwest will share the results of an extensive study of 22,827 students in 704 transfer-level math courses taught by 159 California community college math faculty across four colleges. The presentation will include additional research based on faculty surveys and syllabi that identified instructional practices that promote success for Black and Latine students. Representatives from Cuyamaca College and Pasadena City College will share practical examples of how to implement these evidence-based practices. 

Education Equity Solutions: Mina Dadgar
Education Northwest: Michelle Hodara and Sam Riggs
Pasadena City College: Linda Hintzman
Cuyamaca College: Annalinda Arroyo, Tammi Marshall, Brianna Hays

Resources: Counting on Math Faculty: Examining the Role of Faculty and Instructional Practices in Students’ Gateway Math Success (Dadger, Riggs, Hodara, Buck 2023) Brief, Full Report
Webinar slides, presentation

WEBINAR 2: Building Cultures of Growth in Our Classrooms
Date: Thursday, October 5, 2023, from 3:00-4:00 (Pacific)
Description: Join us for a discussion of new California community college research into the use of evidence-based practices that foster Cultures of Growth in the classroom. Researchers from the Equity Accelerator will share findings from their study of professional development workshops and Communities of Practice that supported faculty to build classroom environments where students reported better experiences and more academic success. The presentation will close with practical examples and suggestions for how faculty can design Cultures of Growth in their classrooms.

Presenter: Kathy Emerson, Director of Research, Equity Accelerator
Resources: Fostering Faculty Growth Culture Practices in California Community Colleges: Summary Report
Building Equitable Classroom Environments: Community of Practice Resources and Facilitation Guide
Webinar: slides, presentation

WEBINAR 3: Learning from Our Students’ Experiences to Create Classroom Cultures that Promote Equity
Date: Friday, October 27 from 1-2:00 (Pacific)
Description: Join us for a conversation about the Ascend professional development model and new research into its use in California community colleges as a strategy for creating classroom cultures that promote equity. Within the context of an Ascend community of practice, faculty learn evidence-based practices and test the impact of those practices by iteratively collecting disaggregated survey data from students about their classroom experiences.

Claudia Escobar, Research Associate, MDRC 
Kathy Wada, Professor of ESL, Cypress College
Norman Lorenz, Professor of Education Studies, Sacramento City College
Resources: Toward Belonging in the Community College Classroom: Lessons from the Learning for Equity Ascend Research Network (LEARN) (Escobar, 2023)
Webinar: slides, presentation