Spring 2022 Webinar Series: Broadening Access to STEM Calculus Via Corequisite Support

WEBINAR 1: Corequisite Support for STEM Calculus I at Mt. SAC
Date: March 16 from 3-4:30 
Description: Mt. SAC has offered a corequisite for Calculus I for several years as an option for students deemed calculus ready, but who want extra support. With AB 1705 and the mandate for STEM students to begin in calculus, Mt. SAC is positioned to build on their success with this model. In this webinar, Lisa Morales and Paula Young, math faculty from Mt. SAC, will share their approach to teaching a corequisite for Calculus I, which includes precalculus skill development integrated with calculus topics, a partially flipped classroom, and instructional routines that foster student engagement with homework.

They will review and share resources for two lessons: algebraic techniques for solving limits and the chain rule.  Emphasis will be on active learning and equity-minded practices.

WEBINAR 2: Mt SAC’s Approach to Designing a Corequisite for STEM Calculus I
Date: April 14 from 1-2:15 
Description: Mt. SAC professors, Lisa Morales and Paula Young, are back for a second webinar! They will guide us through the process they used to design a corequisite for Calculus I. Hear more about backwards design, integrating precalculus skills just-in-time, and more.

WEBINAR 3: Cuyamaca’s Plans for STEM Calculus I with Corequisite Support
Date: April 21 from 2-3:00 
Description: Cuyamaca College is preparing for a fall 2023 roll-out of a corequisite course linked to STEM Calculus I. The corequisite will be an option for students who are eligible to take Precalculus. In this webinar, Cuyamaca math faculty will share their current plans, including Prep modules and an OER Canvas-based calculus text with embedded precalculus and algebra skills development.