Spring and Summer 2024 Events–It’s All About STEM Calculus

WEBINAR 1: Establishing a New Standard of Care for STEM Calculus: Results from a Randomized, Controlled TrialDate: Friday, March 8, 2024, from 12:00-1:00 (Pacific)Description: Join us for a discussion of active learning in STEM Calculus, with a focus on students with lower precalculus proficiency. Researcher Dr. Charity Watson will share results from a large randomized

Fall 2023 Webinar Series: Teaching Matters for Equity

Looking for equity-focused professional development resources that will support your communities of practice? Trying to make good use of your college’s AB 1705 funds? This webinar series focuses on equity-minded teaching strategies and professional development resources backed by research within the California Community Colleges. WEBINAR 1: New insights into Math Instruction that Promotes EquityDate: Friday,

Fall 2022 Webinars on English Learners and College Composition

The October 2022 issue of the CAPacity Gazette focuses on strategies that boost transfer-level English completion for English learners, and this fall the CAP webinars spotlight the collaborative work of ESL and English faculty at select colleges engaged in this transformative work. We’ll also connect with researchers to provide updates on the most recent research