Webinar: AB 705 Research Update on English Learners

Hear the latest AB 705 research focused on English learners in California’s community colleges. Craig Hayward and Terrence Willett from the Research and Planning Group will discuss their research into placement of English learners who are US high school graduates, international students, and adult learners. Olga Rodriguez from the Public Policy Institute of California will share …

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Webinar: Supporting English Learners in Mainstream Transfer-level Composition

In this webinar ESL faculty share strategies that can be used in mainstream composition classes to support English learners. We get concrete advice from Jessica Pardoe from Santa Rosa Junior College, Nicole Siminsky from Palomar College, Rebecca Beck from Irvine Valley College, and Jose Cortes from Solano College.

Webinar: ESL and Mainstream Concurrent Support for College Composition

ESL professor Rebecca Beck and English professor Summer Serpas co-developed curriculum for Irvine Valley College’s composition course with corequisite support around a theme of connection and belonging. In this webinar, they compare how they use this curriculum to support English learners in an ESL-designated section versus a mainstream section.

Webinar: AB 705 Math Research Continues

This webinar digs into recent research on the impact of AB 705 and related reforms on equity, STEM, and longitudinal outcomes, such as graduation rates and wage earning, with particular attention to the implications of colleges continuing to enroll students in pre-transfer-level math.

360 Degree Whiteboards: An Equity Strategy to Improve Outcomes in Precalculus

Sophia Lee teaches an open access Precalculus course with corequisite support at Citrus College. Students taking this course complete calculus at rates equivalent to students with stronger high school math backgrounds who take Precalculus without support. In this webinar and blog post, she discusses her student-centered and equity-minded lesson cycle.

Webinar: Classroom Strategies for Supporting ESL Students in College Composition

English language learners can bring many strengths to the college composition classroom, as well as learning needs that many faculty feel ill-equipped to support. In this interactive session, experienced instructors of college composition for non-native English speakers share some of their best practices, strategies, and materials for working with this population. Whether ESL students comprise …

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Webinar: Owning Our Data – From Reaction to Action

Examining disaggregated success data for our own courses can bring up feelings of defensiveness, shame, frustration, and hopelessness. Three English faculty from Sacramento City College share how confronting and reflecting on their own data helped them move to concrete, targeted actions that lead to more equitable outcomes.

Webinar: Real Talk – Discussing Complex Issues in the Beginning ESL Classroom

ESL instructors sometimes avoid difficult topics like race, civil rights, or immigration in the beginning ESL classroom out of concern that the language of those topics might be too “advanced.” However, our students engage with such difficult topics on a daily basis, so early exposure to, and practice with, that language may benefit them. In this Nov. 6, …

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