Webinar: Check-In So Students Don’t Check Out

When students describe good or bad educational experiences, they often talk about whether their instructor “cared.” A Check-In routine is a flexible way for instructors to communicate, “I care about you, your experiences in this class, and your learning.”  This webinar occurred on Monday, May 15 from 3:30-4:30. In this webinar presenters discuss how English

Webinar: Cuyamaca’s Corequisite for Calc I

Cuyamaca College is preparing for a fall 2023 roll-out of a corequisite course linked to STEM Calculus I. The corequisite will be an option for students who are eligible to take Precalculus. In this webinar, Cuyamaca math faculty will share their current plans, including Prep modules and an OER Canvas-based calculus text with embedded precalculus and algebra

Report: Will AB 1705 Lead to Stronger and More Equitable Calculus Completion for the Business Major?

In light of AB 1705 mandates, this report examines how prerequisite requirements, corequisite options, and the discontinuation of remedial math are currently impacting equitable access to and completion of calculus for the business major. This analysis suggests that opportunities exist throughout California’s community colleges for increasing the volume and diversity of students making progress toward

Webinar: AB 705 Research Update on English Learners

Hear the latest AB 705 research focused on English learners in California’s community colleges. Craig Hayward and Terrence Willett from the Research and Planning Group will discuss their research into placement of English learners who are US high school graduates, international students, and adult learners. Olga Rodriguez from the Public Policy Institute of California will share