Initial STEM Velocity: STEM Calculus Pathway Redesign at Cuyamaca College

At Cuyamaca College students with no precalculus experience enrolled in STEM Calculus with two-units of support. They had twice the success in half the time compared to students taking Precalculus. Pass rates were higher and more equitable in supported Calculus classes than traditional Calculus sections. Read the brief for more.

Webinar: Learning from Our Students’ Experiences to Create Classrooms that Promote Equity

This webinar is a conversation about the Ascend professional development model and new research into its use in California community colleges as a strategy for creating classroom cultures that promote equity. Within the context of an Ascend community of practice, faculty learn evidence-based practices and test the impact of those practices by iteratively collecting disaggregated survey data from students about their classroom experiences.

Webinar: Creating Cultures of Growth in Our Classrooms

Researchers from Equity Accelerator share new California community college research into the use of evidence-based practices that foster Cultures of Growth in the classroom. The study found that professional development fostered classroom environments where students reported better experiences and more academic success. The presentation closes with practical examples and suggestions for how faculty can design Cultures

Webinar: Check-In So Students Don’t Check Out

When students describe good or bad educational experiences, they often talk about whether their instructor “cared.” A Check-In routine is a flexible way for instructors to communicate, “I care about you, your experiences in this class, and your learning.”  This webinar occurred on Monday, May 15 from 3:30-4:30. In this webinar presenters discuss how English

Webinar: Cuyamaca’s Corequisite for Calc I

Cuyamaca College is preparing for a fall 2023 roll-out of a corequisite course linked to STEM Calculus I. The corequisite will be an option for students who are eligible to take Precalculus. In this webinar, Cuyamaca math faculty will share their current plans, including Prep modules and an OER Canvas-based calculus text with embedded precalculus and algebra