Accelerated English at Chabot College

By: CAP Central Staff
December 2011

A Synthesis of Key Findings

This 2011 report presents key data from Chabot College’s long-standing model of accelerated developmental English, a four-unit integrated reading and writing course that is one-level-below College English and open to any student.

Key findings:

  • Students from the open-access accelerated course have dramatically higher completion rates in college English compared to non-accelerated students
  • All ethnic groups do better in the accelerated path, and Black and Latino students see particularly strong gains
  • Even students scoring in the bottom 7% of developmental Accuplacer scores do at least as well in the accelerated course as they do in the first course of the non-accelerated sequence

This report was prepared with the basic skills cohort tracker, an online tool available through the state Chancellor’s Office DataMart. 

The recommendations included in this report are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Chabot College English department, which supports the two-semester developmental pathway as an equally viable option for students.