Webinar: Check-In So Students Don’t Check Out

May 2023

When students describe good or bad educational experiences, they often talk about whether their instructor “cared.” A Check-In routine is a flexible way for instructors to communicate, “I care about you, your experiences in this class, and your learning.” 

This webinar occurred on Monday, May 15 from 3:30-4:30. In this webinar presenters discuss how English and math faculty can use Check-In tools to keep students engaged, to help build community and belonging in their classrooms, and to check for student learning. Participants explored options for building their own Check-In routine and creating a community of practice on their campus focused on this practice.


  • Summer Serpas, English Professor at Irvine Valley College
  • Ryan Sullivan, English Professor at Mt. San Jacinto College 
  • Rachel Polakoski, Math Professor at Cuyamaca College