Webinar: Supporting English Learners in Mainstream Transfer-level Composition

In this webinar ESL faculty share strategies that can be used in mainstream composition classes to support English learners. We get concrete advice from Jessica Pardoe from Santa Rosa Junior College, Nicole Siminsky from Palomar College, Rebecca Beck from Irvine Valley College, and Jose Cortes from Solano College.

Webinar: ESL and Mainstream Concurrent Support for College Composition

ESL professor Rebecca Beck and English professor Summer Serpas co-developed curriculum for Irvine Valley College’s composition course with corequisite support around a theme of connection and belonging. In this webinar, they compare how they use this curriculum to support English learners in an ESL-designated section versus a mainstream section.

Costs of Implementing AB 705/AB 1705

This short article features interviews with two math deans at colleges that have improved student completion and equity by eliminating or dramatically reducing pre-transfer classes. The deans discuss the financial costs associated with these changes. For the most part, they say, the changes involved simply reallocating existing resources from remedial to transfer-level course offerings. But

Press Release: AB 1705 Gains Momentum

This press release was prepared by a coalition of organizations supporting AB1705, including student groups, civil rights advocates, and the faculty-led California Acceleration Project.

Widespread Support for AB 1705

AB1705 addresses the uneven, racially inequitable implementation of AB705 by clarifying expectations for colleges on issues that have been undermining student completion and driving racial inequity.