Report: Will AB 1705 Lead to Stronger and More Equitable Calculus Completion for the Business Major?

By: CAP Staff
February 2023

In light of AB 1705 mandates, this report examines how prerequisite requirements, corequisite options, and the discontinuation of remedial math are currently impacting equitable access to and completion of calculus for the business major. This analysis suggests that opportunities exist throughout California’s community colleges for increasing the volume and diversity of students making progress toward a business degree by addressing AB 1705 prerequisite validation requirements.


  • Access to business calculus is inconsistent across colleges. 
  • Concurrent support is better than preparatory coursework at improving business calculus completion for students deemed “not calculus ready.”
  • Colleges serving a large share of the state’s Black and/or Hispanic students are more likely to restrict access to business calculus and less likely to offer concurrent support.
  • Access to business calculus varies widely within and across regions.