Report: Statewide AB 705 Update: Plans from California’s Community Colleges Suggest Notable Progress But Not Full Implementation

By: CAP Central Staff
June 2022

This report analyzes the AB705 improvement plans that California community colleges submitted to the state Chancellor’s Office outlining their plans for reaching full implementation of the law by Fall 2022.

The analysis shows that substantial progress has been made since the strong guidance issued by the chancellor’s office in fall 2021. However, a sizable minority of colleges plans to continue offering remedial classes, despite not having data to show that enrolling students in these classes meets ab705 standards.

Key Findings:

  • The majority of colleges plan for full AB 705 implementation in fall 2022.
  • Full implementation includes plans for better student supports, new math options, and equity-minded teaching.
  • Many colleges plan to continue remedial math enrollments in apparent violation of the Chancellor’s Office AB 705 implementation guidance.
  • In light of these plans, implementation continues to be inequitable and uneven.