Webinar: AB 705 Math Research Continues

By: CAP Guest Presenters
March 2022

The Impact of AB 705

This webinar digs into recent research on the impact of AB 705 and related reforms on equity, STEM, and longitudinal outcomes, such as graduation rates and wage earning, with particular attention to the implications of colleges continuing to enroll students in pre-transfer-level math.

How did the pandemic affect math completion?
Does pre-transfer level math enrollment help or hurt equity?
Would students who failed transfer-level math have been better off in pre-transfer-level math?
Is intermediate algebra the best option for STEM students who have not passed high school Algebra 2?

What can we learn from a randomized, controlled experiment in New York’s community colleges about the impact of taking Statistics with corequisite support on longitudinal outcomes, such as completion of science courses, graduation rates and wage earning?


Cesar Perez, Research Associate, Public Policy Institute of California
Craig Hayward, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Bakersfield College; Lead Researcher, Multiple Measures Assessment Project for the Research and Planning Group
Alexandra Logue, Research Professor, Center for Advanced Study in Education, Graduate Center, City University of New York