Webinar: Grading for Equity

By: CAP Guest Presenters
March 2021

In this interactive session, Joe Feldman, career educator and author of the book Grading for Equity, and Dr. Shantha Smith provide a brief overview of the history of traditional grading and how the continued use of those practices can negatively impact teaching and learning, raise stress, and perpetuate disparities. They introduce a framework for equitable grading and provide an example, then California community college faculty share practices they have adopted based on Feldman’s work, and their impact on students.

Presenters: Joe Feldman and Dr. Shantha Smith (Crescendo Education Group), Ryan Sullivan (Mt. San Jacinto College), and Jeff Anderson (Foothill College)

Additional materials:Grade for Equity as a Community College Math Instructor,” a blog by Jeff Anderson

For a limited time you can watch the recorded webinar, available through April 25, 2021 with passcode: CAPGr4ding!