360 Degree Whiteboards: An Equity Strategy to Improve Outcomes in Precalculus

Sophia Lee teaches an open access Precalculus course with corequisite support at Citrus College. Students taking this course complete calculus at rates equivalent to students with stronger high school math backgrounds who take Precalculus without support. In this webinar and blog post, she discusses her student-centered and equity-minded lesson cycle.

Report: Invalid Placement Practices Widespread in CA Community Colleges

Prior to the implementation of AB 705, statewide research showed that student completion was highest when students began in transferable, college-level English and math classes, regardless of their high school GPA. But in order to determine whether these statewide findings applied to colleges’ local populations, the state Chancellor’s Office gave colleges a two-year grace period …

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Webinar: Owning Our Data – From Reaction to Action

Examining disaggregated success data for our own courses can bring up feelings of defensiveness, shame, frustration, and hopelessness. Three English faculty from Sacramento City College share how confronting and reflecting on their own data helped them move to concrete, targeted actions that lead to more equitable outcomes.

Webinar: Grading for Equity

In this interactive session, Joe Feldman, career educator and author of the book Grading for Equity, and Dr. Shantha Smith provide a brief overview of the history of traditional grading and how the continued use of those practices can negatively impact teaching and learning, raise stress, and perpetuate disparities. They introduce a framework for equitable grading and provide …

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Checklist for Strong AB 705 Implementation

This resource provides a simple, one-page checklist California community colleges can use to further increase student completion and equity under AB 705. For pdf with clickable hyperlinks, open the file “PowerMoves” to the right.