Integrated Reading and Writing

Instructional Cycle for Integrated Reading and Writing

This framework for teaching in an integrated reading and writing context was first developed by Katie Hern in 2011 for use in CAP professional development programs, and later updated with input from faculty at Irvine Valley and Solano colleges.

Sample Accelerated, Integrated Reading and Writing Course

This handout was produced for CAP faculty workshops. It outlines the major texts, tests, papers, and rubric from Katie Hern’s accelerated course at Chabot College, along with the CAP instructional cycle for integrating reading and writing. CAP no longer advocates for accelerated remedial English courses because corequisite support linked to college composition produces better outcomes.

Accelerated English at Chabot College

A Synthesis of Key Findings This 2011 report presents key data from Chabot College’s long-standing model of accelerated developmental English, a four-unit integrated reading and writing course that is one-level-below College English and open to any student. Key findings: This report was prepared with the basic skills cohort tracker, an online tool available through the …

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